Thursday, November 17, 2011

Librarians helping librarians

I've spent about 30 minutes over the last week browsing around my usual library blogs and news sources in search of some blogging inspiration. I found none. Then, just now, having abandoned my search for ideas, I stumbled across an item from one of my old home libraries, the London Public Library (or, as I've had to start calling it since arriving in Lethbridge, 'the other LPL'.

The London Public Library publishes monthly newsletters on a great variety of topics. What may interest library managers and book-lovers reading this blog are their genre guide newsletters.

All told, they publish newsletters on 19(!) different genres, covering new releases and popular titles.

I thought perhaps blog readers here would enjoy this information, so check out the link below. It's worth noting, too, that clicking on one of the newsletters takes you to this month's edition, and it is not necessary to sign up to read them.

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