Friday, February 19, 2010

Make "tight-knit" connections with teens

I just read an article this morning in American Libraries (the journal of the American Library Association) titled "Patterns of Best Practice" (Burek Pierce, December 2009) that talked about some really interesting and heart-warming teen programming.
Here's the gist of the article:
Knitting is cool among teens (at least in America), so libraries across the United States (and in Canada) are forming knitting clubs in the library.  Knitting is not only a fun way for teens to enjoy the library, but it can also help the community as well.  At the East Valley Branch of the Escondido Public Library in California, the youth services librarian revitalized the library's current teen knitting club to include philanthropic activities as well as fun.  The teens meet in the library and knit hats for cancer patients, blankets, mittens and hats for babies in the hospital as well as "snuggles" for animals at the local humane society.  The club is sponsored by the Friends of the Library as well as interested staff and patrons who donate supplies.  Not only are the teens enjoying the time they spend together in the library, they are also gaining credit towards their high school community service requirement.
Crafts are really 'hot' right now with teens, so why not use this craze to bring these hard-to-reach patrons into the library.

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  1. I find it interesting that knitting is now cool! Before it was only for grannies, I think that it is amazing that libraries are taking advantage of this and creating a knitting club.