Thursday, January 28, 2010

Minister’s Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Public Library Service

Guess what!?  The new Minster of  Municipal Affairs Hector Goudreau has decided to honour the great work that libraries do by offering awards for both excellence and innovation.
The awards, which will presented at this year's Alberta Library Conference in Jasper, will "encourage superior public library service by publicizing successes and providing information and inspiration to other Alberta libraries" (Municipal Affairs, 2010).
There are a total of four awards to be granted:
1. Excellence in Service Delivery
(libraries serving 15 000+)

2. Excellence in Service Delivery 
(libraries serving under 15 000)<

3. Innovation in Service Delivery 
(ibraries serving 15 000+)
4. Innovation in Service Delivery 
(libraries serving under 15 000) 
The awards for excellence will be given to those libraries that are providing traditional service in the best way, while those given for innovation will go to those libraries providing a new service or doing something in a new way.
So, send in your nomination forms and be recognized for the great service that you provide to your patrons.  The deadline for submissions is March 1, 2010.  
For more information and the application form, visit the Municipal Affairs website.

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