Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why Libraries Should Circulate Video Games

1. Attracts teens to the library. Once they're in the door, you can show them all the other great things the library has to offer them.
2. Helps establish the library as a total media and information destination and therefore truly relevant to teens (and other's) needs.
3. They have wide appeal. The average gamer is around 33 years old. The video game collection will appeal to everyone and the library's value added service becomes priceless to the entire family.
4. It's the trend. Do you want your library to be cutting edge or behind the times? Many will argue, "Video games in the library?" Imagine when people said "DVDs in the library?"
5. Just another digital media like DVDs, computer software, etc. Video games are the next step and your patrons will love it/1
6. Economically friendly for the community. The average cost of renting a video game is $3-6. Imagine your patrons' reactions when they discover they can check them out, at the library, for free.
7. New patrons, new supporters! Think of all the new patrons who will come to the Library and sign up for a Library Card. Imagine how many more people would list the library as a priority for public funding.
8. Consumer friendly. Having them in your library allows patrons to test out games before they purchase one.
9. They are an important media dn learning source. Studies show that many video games are educational and help users develop problem solving skills.
10. Family friendly! It's a great family social activity.

(Source: Hazelbaker, S. Gayle, "Top Ten Reasons Why Libraries Should Circulate Video Games", Rural Library Services Newsletter, Volume 20, Issue 2, March/April 2009)

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