Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here at Chinook Arch, we receive a variety of publications from libraries all over the province.  Recently, we received the winter program guide from Strachcona County Library.  One teen program, in particular, caught my attention:  Gocks!  What are Gocks?  Gocks are goth sock puppets, of course!  What a great way to invite teens to get creative at your library.  The Gocks program invites teens to bring their own sock (clean, and any colour) and create Gocks, Pocks (punk sock puppets) or Emocks (emo sock puppets)!  The library would then provides the piercings and black eyeliner! In other words, the library would provide supplies like safety pins, markers, fabric, sewing needles and thread, glue, googley eyes, pom-poms, fun fur, sequence, etc.  A variety of supplies will ensure teens get creative with their Gocks, Pocks, and Emocks!  Check out these sock puppet resources to get started:


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