Friday, April 12, 2013

Choose Privacy Week

Choose Privacy Week is a program of the American Library Association that brings attention to privacy concerns and rights in a digital age.  The event takes place May 1-7, 2013 throughout the US, and ALA provides libraries the tools they need to educate and engage users in this issue. The campaign is meant to encourage library users to think critically about their privacy and to make more informed choices in this age of digital information.

As usual, the ALA has some great resources for libraries and library patrons to use to bring attention to this issue on the website at:  Although much of the information is US-specific, the overarching issues are global.

The website provides a variety of resources including:
  • A privacy video, along with an accompanying video study guide
  • Resources for convening a public forum on privacy issues
  • Programming and event ideas
  • A one-page privacy handout - a template for libraries to use to communicate to their patrons how important protecting their privacy is to the library
  • A Privacy myth buster document

The site also includes background information and resources on privacy rights, to help you and your patrons gain a better understanding of the issues.

I encourage every library to look at some of the resources on the site to help gain an understanding of the role we play, as library workers, in protecting patron privacy. You may also want to consider engaging your patrons in the conversation using the resources on the site. What a great way to let your patrons know that you are concerned about protecting their privacy!

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