Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blind Date with a Library Book

A very cute photo has been making the rounds on Facebook and Reddit, causing some stir. With Valentine's Day a week away, I thought it would be the perfect topic for today's blog post.

The below picture is the one that has been recently circulating. It was posted with this caption, "My local library branch started doing this 'Blind Date with a Book' thing, though you guys might like it. The shelf was full when we got there, but was like this as we were leaving. The books are wrapped in paper and have different designs on them, and then a few words vaguely describing the subject matter of the book. Things like 'Drama', 'Plot Twists', 'espionage', etc. The only thing exposed on the book is the barcode that you use to scan the book out. I thought it was a pretty cool idea." 

When I poked around a bit, I found a number of other libraries that are doing or have done similar "Blind Date with a Book" programs. Some great examples include:

Besides these, I found many, many more programs by just running a Google search for "Blind Date with a Library Book." All programs run along similar lines, with the books wrapped in paper with some description written on the outside, but there were variations such as "Rate Your Date" bookmarks that can be submitted for a draw and teen books labeled with specific ages that they are appropriate for. However it is done though, it seems to be a massive crowd pleaser, fully of whimsy and fun. If your library has been looking for a little romance, look no further!

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