Friday, June 15, 2012

We're Celebrating 20 Years!

Chinook Arch Regional Library System celebrated 20 years of innovation, cooperation and collaboration in southern Alberta with a celebratory dinner last evening in Lethbridge.  It was an evening to reminisce, catch up with old friends and colleagues and most importantly to celebrate the successes of the last 20 years as a regional system.  

Board members, staff, local government officials and library colleagues from
around Alberta gathered to celebrate and reminisce on the past 20 years.
Over 100 people from across Alberta came out to celebrate.
Thank you to all who joined us!
After cocktails and mingling, our Master of Ceremonies Vic Mensch
gave a warm welcome to the group and said grace before dinner was served.
Chinook Arch Board Chair Laura Ross-Giroux welcomed the guests with opening remarks on
 the history of Chinook Arch making comparisons between libraries of twenty years ago and libraries today.  
To conclude her speech, Laura noted that 
"today, the Chinook Arch Regional Library System continues to fulfill its mission statement of providing cost-effective, convenient access to information and library resources for its entire 32 member library system…and continues to explore cutting edge technology for the improvement of library services. While libraries remain the hearts of their communities, the services and spaces that they provide are very different from the libraries of just 20 years ago and Chinook Arch has transitioned along with them." 
Chinook Arch was pleased to welcome local MLA Bridget Pastoor (Lethbridge East)  who
 brought greetings from the province and offered her ongoing support and
her congratulations to Chinook Arch.

Chinook Arch was also pleased to welcome the MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner, Mr. Gary Bikman.  Mr. Bikman shared stories of his family's love for the library and offered congratulations to Chinook Arch.
Diana Davidson, Director of the Public Library Services Branch congratulated
 Chinook Arch on many innovative and collaborative achievements over the years with a
wish for many more in the future. 

Julia Reinhart brought congratulations and greetings from The Alberta Library and APLEN with
wishes for continued collaboration in the future. 
As the final speaker of the evening, Chinook Arch CEO Maggie Macdonald shared her
insights on the last twenty years:  "We have advanced collaboratively by leaps and bounds and
have together created 
a fantastic example of collaborative leadership and innovation in
library service.  I am confident that Chinook Arch will continue to meet and conquer the
challenges of change in the next 20 years as effectively as we have done these first 20 years."
Maggie also graciously thanked everyone for coming and for their continued support.
To round out the evening's celebrations,  guests laughed at the improv presented
by local group, the Drama Nutz.  
Pictured above is just one of their skits - this one a love song sung to Maggie!

Thank you to all who were involved in this wonderful evening to
celebrate twenty years of innovation, collaboration and leadership.

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