Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seeing More Open-Access!

For all those eager library journal readers out there, we’ll share some important news.  The Information Technology and Libraries journal made the special announcement that they are now an open-access e-journal. You can access the journal here ITAL.

The journal will no longer be publishing print copies, it will be exclusively electronic.  In March’s issue, President of the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), Colleen Cuddy, sent out a message exclaiming ITAL’s excitement for open-access.  Cuddy stated that, “By supporting open access we are sending a strong message to the community that we believe in the benefits of open access and we encourage other library organizations to do the same. ITAL will now reach a much broader and larger audience. This will benefit our authors, the organization, and the scholarship of our profession.” 

Although electronic-only access is not ideal to some, having open-access to the journal is extremely positive.  This provides an important opportunity for information professionals to keep abreast of current research in the field without the barrier of a paid subscription.   

If you’re really feeling keen, another open-access techi journal is First Monday, which focuses on Internet and digital research. 

Happy Reading Everyone!

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