Friday, September 23, 2011

CBC: Whither the Library

On Tuesday, August 2, when the debate surrounding the closure of library branches in Toronto was just getting off the ground, the CBC Radio show The Current did a segment on the value of libraries to their communities. The host covers a range a topics, and challenges the interviewees to make clear the pro-library point of view.

Interview subjects include the directory of the Hamilton Public Library, and a Toronto Councillor and Public Library Board Member. While the individuals that are interviewed are quite skewed towards Toronto and area, the ideas and principles are much more universal.

The segment covers the advacement of ebooks, the use of the library as a 'living room and study space' by members of the community, and as a space for the community to gather and host events.

A discussion that caught my ear surrounded the issue of closing a branch versus reducing hours across more branches to save money. It centers on the nature of library services and how they enhance the community around them.

The whole clip, about 20 minutes, is definitely worth a listen:

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