Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall is here, and so is RISE

As the summer (sadly) starts to wind down, activity on the RISE network is beginning to pick up.

There are a number of interesting sessions coming up, including a live videconference from Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. The always-popular Law@Lunch series will also be swinging back into action, with several videoconferences planned for September and October.

A new series of videoconferences from Culture & Community Spirit is on the RISE calendar now. The dates Are October 6, 18 and 20, and November 3 and 17. They will be providing information on grants available to non-profit and charitable organizations, and on the tax credit available to donors. Space is limited to 3 particpants at each date, so sign up now!

If you see something on the calendar that you'd like to sign up for, contact Kerby or Jeremy as quickly as possible to secure a spot for your library.

In the coming months we'll be talking with a number of community and public awareness groups and non-profit organizations about partnering with RISE to provide content of interest to communities through the Chinook Arch region. If you have any suggestions for groups we may with to contact we would be more than happy to explore the possibilities.

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