Thursday, July 21, 2011

CNIB's Summer Reading Program

I have a niece who was born with albinism. As such she sports beautiful snow white hair and violet eyes, but is also legally blind. Though she always did well in school, I know she often felt 'different' and tried her hardest to be just like the other kids. As such, providing opportunities that are accessible to all children is very near and dear to my heart.

The CNIB Library has teamed up with the TD Summer Reading Club to support accessible programs in public libraries. Kids under the age of 16 who are print impaired in your community can join the club through the CNIB Library to:

  • Read books in audio and braille
  • Take part in accessible activities by web, email or phone
  • Join the CNIB team challenge and win prizes
The CNIB also offers a lot of great resources for providing your own accessible programming for kids in your community. You can download their Guide to Accessible Books at :

Their Guide to Accessible Activities is available at:

You can also check out page 28 of your TD SRC Staff Manual for tips on including kids with print disabilities in your programming:

Providing accessible programming at your library can be as easy as describing what you are doing and including activities that don't require vision.

For more information on the CNIB TD Summer Reading Club go to

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