Friday, June 24, 2011

TechSoup for Libraries

Most of you have heard about TechSoup as a site where non-profits can purchase software at a discounted price. However, did you also know that it contains lots of other resources that can be useful for libraries? includes the following sections:

  1. Cookbooks - guides which help you plan and keep up with technology.

  2. Spotlight - where you can read or listen to an article about a library.

  3. Webinar - participate in online training or view an archived session. Recently archived sessions include "Winning Grants".

  4. Training Resources - includes tips and tricks for all sorts of technology related issues.

  5. Newsletter - receive monthly updates from the site; you can also follow their Twitter feed at TechSoup4Libs.

  6. Tell us - share your own library stories on the site.

In the "Cookbooks" section there is a cookbook titled "Small and Rural Libraries". You can download the entire guide, or just the chapters that interest you. The chapters included in this guide include information on developing a technology plan, keeping your staff up-to-date with technology, and considering the future and your library's place in it.

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