Friday, February 25, 2011

A blow to Ebooks!

This morning a post by Librarian By Day uncovered the news about OverDrive's implementation of further restrictions to the lending of Ebooks at the behest of HarperCollins: Publishing Industry Forces OverDrive and Other Library Ebook Vendors to Take a Giant Step Back.

Since then, the reports have been flying fast and furious on Twitter and the blogosphere. To get a full synopsis of what people have been saying check out the latest post on theanalogdivide: The Publisher That Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

At this time it is yet to be seen whether or not this will set a precedent in terms of how publishers will attempt to managing ebook purchasing. Chinook Arch only has one ebook that has been checked out over 26 times and we own two of that title. However, there are 522 holds on ebooks in the system, so that number could change drastically. As this issue unfolds, I will post links to different resources on this subject.

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