Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Literacy Day

National Family Literacy Day is January 27th. What a great opportunity for some unique programming and perhaps even to promote your library to a new audience. This year's theme is Play for Literacy which focuses on games - imagine the possibilities. You may even want to partner with your local literacy organization to hold events on the day or throughout the month that are mutually beneficial to both organizations.

Visit the Family Literacy Day website at: for information and ideas and to find events already planned to celebrate the day.

Here are a few relatively easy and inexpensive programming ideas to promote literacy:
  • Alphabet loop: Organize an alphabetical scavenger hunt. Participants seek out items that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Participants must visit the library to receive their instruction sheet and prizes.
  • Scrabble anyone? Organize the world’s largest Scrabble® game.
  • Wall of fame: Designate a wall in your library to display photos of patrons along with lists of their favourite books and authors.
  • Pyjama party: Host a bedtime story night where young people and their families are invited to dress in their PJs and bring in their sleeping bags and favourite books.
  • Karaoke night: Host a night of karaoke for parents and children. Not only is this a fun event, but it also encourages reading, singing, and family involvement.
  • Monster masks: Read aloud a monster story that includes a good description of the monster. After reading the story, have children create their own visual of a monster out of paper plates, construction paper, paint and string.
  • Giant crossword: Create a giant crossword puzzle with 100 – 200 clues to be displayed on a wall of the library. Encourage patrons to have some fun by solving one of the clues while they visit the library.

Lots more examples are provided on the site as well as resources for encouraging family learning, literacy tips, activity books and more.

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