Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Book From Chinook Travels to Australia and Back!

In the fall of 2009, the Interlibrary Loan team at Chinook Arch received an email from the Busselton Library in Australia. They had one of our books! Crikey! It was found by one of their patrons at a local campground...likely left behind by a Southern Alberta traveler. The Busselton librarians mailed the book back to Chinook Arch along with some Australian goodies: Tim-Tams, postcards, booklets, etc. To thank the Busseloton librarians, our Interlibrary Loan Team sent back a Chinook Arch care package containing Chinook Arch swag and Maple cookies (after all, we are Canadian, eh?) Today, we received yet another package from the Shire of Busselton containing even more Tim-Tams, chocolate-carmel Koalas, and the Busselton Library Newsletter: Busselton Library - Paging All Readers! The newsletter featured a story called "The Book From Chinook" about our book's travels to Australia and back. It's funny how books can form friendships between people across such great distances! Hopefully we can continue this friendship that has been established by our wayward traveling book!